Friday, February 22, 2013

doin' a double....on Al's single track of live music...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 2/22/13

Thursday night looked hopeful. One of the places I had been before was continuing its "live" music program, another expanding theirs. I had received an e-mail informing me that a band I had heard, when my daughter had visited, was returning. It turned out, instead, to be a duet that played when I went to this restaurant with my friends Michael & Joseph. The duet plays with "tracks". I can not, in good faith, review tracks. I am not qualified to opine on recorded music. I react to "live" performances differently than stuff that has been pre-recorded. The food was good, the service was fine and the Happy Hour mojito hit the spot. The others at the location seemed to enjoy the music. What can I say?

Fast forward to Luca's Cantina 71 and Mo Morgen (live and in living color) in Miami Beach. Luca has expanded the program to more nights and a bi-monthly Sunday afternoon Jam. Mo is a talented multi-instrumentalist and sometime vocalist. If you have read some of my previous stuff, you know that I have a "thing" about horn players who like to sing. Last night Mo started his stint sitting at the keyboard and singing. Considering the fact that he knew I was there and would write about it, it was an extremely bold and brave move. I must say this. It wasn't bad. As a matter of fact it was pretty good. He must have hired a voice coach. Or is it that playing "keys" has an effect on vocal chords. In addition to playing his sopranito sax, Mo did a couple playing bass clarinet. A resounding "YES" to the sounds produced on that  instrument. Up on the bandstand with him was guitarist Ted McDermott. Ted is old school, straight ahead and swinging. He reminded me of Bucky Pizzarelli and Les Paul in their early JAZZ days.

So, the evening ended well, although, admittedly early. I am off to Gainesville Friday morn so I can be at Dos Mamas for Little Mike & The Tornadoes official CD Release party of FORGIVE ME. It will be a PARTY I'm sure. Saturday at Arts Garage is a "don't miss". Troy Roberts returns to Florida. Check the listings for lots of other stuff too.

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