Saturday, February 9, 2013

warmin'up for Fat Tuesday...almost as good as warming up next to her, Al says...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 2/8/13

You wouldn't be reading this if you didn't love JAZZ and BLUES. If you love JAZZ & BLUES, you love New Orleans (N'Awlins). If you love N"Awlins you look forward to Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras. This year I will spend Fat Tuesday in South Florida.(again). I learned that in order to really get full value out of that day, you must go through a warm-up period. Think about it. You are going to consume the following----appxtly 1,000 crawfish, tearing off the heads and sucking them clean. Really drinking 40 to 60 beers or 75 Hurricanes. You will probably sit down to some Gumbo or Jambalaya. You will dance you ass off and laugh until the wee hours. My warm-up regimen started Thursday by going to the Big Easy in Hollywood. The band was Darrell Raines(guitar/vocals), George Caldwell(bass) and Raul Hernandez(my soul brother, drums). If you like your BLUES gutty and real, these are your guys. They'll do a little rock and some funk but it never loses the flavor of the BLUES. Darrell can tear your heart out, have you clappin, tappin' or make you laugh from deep down inside with his vocal renditions. I was on my 2d bowl of gumbo and third rum and tonic when the second set was coming to a close. A young man walked in and Darrell immediately told him to get his "ax" and sit in. Michael Marciano is his name, BLUES harp is his game and he scored a knock-out with his "blowing". Mike hasn't been around for a while 'cause to quote him he "was raising the kids". If he can rear kids like he plays harmonica they would be welcome at my Thanksgiving dinners. Now it's Friday. Fat Tuesday draws nearer. There is plenty to choose from this year. Consult the listings and "name yer perzin, matey". I've got to find a place with live music and fiery shrimp to continue my training mission. There are only 4 nights left. By the way, The Zulus, Bacchus, Rex, Endymion or Mardi Gras Indians did not invite me to ride on their floats again this year. They didn't invite me to any of the Balls either. So what!!! I'll hang with my buds, talk to a coupla' gals, dance my ass off and shcoff down those thousand crawfish. I promise I will not shout "Show me your ---s.
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