Thursday, February 21, 2013

heritage...Al's got it...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 2/21/13

The Harlow family has built a heritage in the land of Latin JAZZ. Larry and Andy's Dad, Buddy, was the bandleader at the fabled Latin Quarter night-club in The Apple way back in the day. As all kids, born and raised in The Bronx, the latin rhythms are never fully out of hearing range. It was a natural thing for these 2 kids, raised in a Jewish home to become well-known Latin JAZZ artists. Larry taking it to its limits with Andy sticking to the traditional. Among my Latino freinds and neighbors in The Bronx, Larry was known as "El Judio Maravilloso". Wednesday the MJC, in its presentation at JAZZ in the Gables, had Andy Harlow and his Salsamania band as the feature. Andy out front playing sax, flute and doing vocals, Mari Marrero(keyboard), Sal Cuervas(bass) Carlos Elosua(congas/vocals), Joe Orlando(timbales/percussion) and Mark Gregory(trombone). Sunshine, palm trees, a plaza and the rhythms of the Hispanic Caribbean---it's enough to get you up and dancing. And it did. I've mentioned a lady named Pixie several times before in my writing. Yesterday as I watched "Grandma Pixie" shuckling (it's a Jewish word)in her seat it struck me that maybe she would dance with me. I asked her in a gentlemanly fashion and she acquiesced. Well, let me tell you, Pixie and I did cortar una alfrombra  (cut a rug) to a couple of this exciting bands tunes. During one of Carlos Elosuas vocals a pretty young woman, Lina Ravelo, got up on stage and joined him in an impromptu duet. When I asked her about it, she told me that she is not a vocalist but loves to sing and couldn't resist the temptation to join in. My two young pals, David and Antonio were there with their Mom, Conchita. In my conversation with David(6) I explained and demonstrated the rhythm pattern of the cha-cha-cha. He asked me if I would like to know who his favorite musician was. "Of course" was my answer. Without hesitation and looking me straight in the eye, David said "Cab Calloway, I like the way he sings scat". There is definitely hope for the youth of America. I did my gravelly voice rendition of "Minnie the Moocher" for him. Antonio's(8) fave is Michael Jackson. To each his own!!!

It's still Wednesday and that means Glenda Grainger and Danny Burger's Showcase at Blue Jeans Blues. I was going to take a nap (old guys do that a lot) but still too excited by the earlier activities. I went up to BJB's and had an adult beverage instead. After Glenda spotted me she graciously did her JAZZ interpretation of "All Of Me". Although Glenda is a "cabaret" vocalist I encourage her to branch out a little. She occasionally does and does it well. Danny had the Tony Nicolosi Trio as his Showcase band. Tony(guitar/vocals) Tom McCormick(tenor sax), Mitch Goldstein(Hammond sk3) and of course Danny on the skins. I had never seen or heard Tony. This big guy, with a smile that stretches from Portland, Maine to San Diego, California, gets on stage and does tunes from Dizzy to B.B and everyone in between. His playing, vocalizing and stage presence just makes every one in the audience feel "real good". During one of the breaks we had a chance to talk. Tony's background is filled with the history of JAZZ thru the rock 'n roll era of the 50's. Makes for interesting conversation. 

Today Felipe Lamoglia at Van Dyke.

Tomorrow (Fri.) I am heading up to Gainesville to attend the official CD release party of Little Mike & The Tornadoes’ "Forgive Me" at Dos Mamas.  Check all our Music Listings for other stuff as well. C U 

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