Tuesday, February 19, 2013

once you do...can you always go back, says Al.

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 2/19/13

Once you hear the "clave", you never go back. There is something about the multiple layers of Latin JAZZ rhythm that is infectious. It will go to your very core and establish a life of its own. It happened to me; it happened to Bryan Lynch, and it can happen to you. You hear the Latin influence in every phrase he plays. He explained that he caught it when he went to New York and started playing with the local salsa bands. Every Monday is Bryan's Latin JAZZ Ensemble night at PAX in Miami. He fronts a group of under grads from the UM’s Frost School where he is a professor in the trumpet department. He coaches students in other musical skills as well. I say it time and time again. On every occasion that I get a chance to listen to JAZZ's new young players I am amazed at the wealth of talent we have here in South Florida. Alongside Bryan is his assistant Jared Hall(trumpet) and in the band Sean John(alto sax), Steven Szabadi(trombone), Jake Shapiro(keyboard) Dan Montgomery(bass), Jonathan Hulett(drums) and Michael Barroso(latin percussion). Each and everyone of these young men could play with anyone, anywhere in the world. They all are talented improvisationalists and show it in their solos. The band plays a couple and then the rest of the evening turns into a monster Jam Session. I am remiss in not getting all the names but I did recognize young Brian Thomas(bass) who I have seen play before. I had a chance to talk with Juan Turros(tenor sax) as he arrived at PAX. I was at the bar, ordering a beverage, when he walked in. Looked at me, stuck out a hand to shake and announced , "At least I'm not the oldest guy in the room". Not only does he have courage and a sense of humor, the cat CAN blow. Talking about getting infected. How about a guy named Steve Roitstein, calls himself Palo and has a band that plays Afro-Cuban Funk!! He plays keys and you would swear he was brought up on the streets of Havana. (Is Miami close enough?) I Didn't get the names of the gang of players who joined the jam. (Will try harder next time) but there was a bunch of them. Drummers, keyboards, bongos, congas, horns, all taking their turns and showing their "chops". PAX and Bryan may force me to make this my Monday night "joint". PAX has music 6 nites a week. You know what happens Monday---Tuesday "Tango"---Wed. "Chads JAZZ"---Thurs. "Latin Altrnative"---Fri. "Afro-Cuban"---Sat. "World Fusion". The gal who owns PAX is a designer who is as much in love with the "musica" as I am. That is why she opened and operates the club with a great music policy. See you all at PAX next Monday----pok--pokpok--pokpok.  Tonight I am going to Boston's on the Beach for Blue Tuesday were Famous Frank is hosting Joe Moss. I hope there's someone, somewhere, who can force gas prices to go down!!!! 

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