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love in this nowaday world...and Al misses a couple decimal places on the mileage...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 2/2/13
Bobby Nathan Band at Funky Biscuit
Photo by Scott Gillig

Ike Stubblefield at Funky Biscuit
Photo by Scott Gillig
The words fall easily from people’s lips nowadays. "I love-----" Just a phrase. I say it all the time about music, my kids and grand-kids, certain musicians. We all do it. Now as hard as it for me---man-about town---raconteur---gad-about---denizen of late night joints--- to do, I confess to being in love with an inanimate object. "Ugh!!" you say". "What in the world---?" is your question. My reply, simply is, the Hammond B3 Organ. That what brought me to the Funky Biscuit Friday night. Ike Stubblefield (*featured artist in the February edition of Jazz & Blues Florida), whom I have never heard play was the feature of the night. The combination of B3 and someone new was irresistible. So, I drove the 3788 miles or so from my home to the F.B.. I was well rewarded. For starters the opening act was the Bobby Nathan Band (an unexpected surprise) with Bobby out front(guitar/vocals) Andy G, tearing it up(drums), Stuey Blue(tenor sax) Rob Peterson(bass) and the indefatigable Muggy Doo on the special love of mine, B3. Bobby and the band got them shakin' their you know whats and had me clappin' n 'tappin'. They always do. Al P. proprietor, manager, busboy, toilet attendant, bar-back, musician, M.C., amongst other duties, is truly dedicated to the presentation of the best BLUES has to offer. Last nite the program Al put on the Funky Biscuit stage, was solid proof that BLUES/JAZZ is alive and well in S. Florida.
Grant Green Jr of The Ike Stubblefield Trio at Funky Biscuit
Photo by Scott Gillig
Ike Stubblefield(B3) followed, with George Green Jr.(guitar) and Earl Waverly(drums). From the very first note 'til the very last, thru 2 sets, these guys thrilled me. I said it and I mean it. Thrilled. This trio is proof that JAZZ & BLUES is really one word. A new word. "JABLUZE" (c). Their infusion of JAZZ lines into BLUES lines and vice-versa was "something else". George's Dad was a JAZZ musician of my era and tried to keep him from following a musical career. In Detroit where they lived he was surrounded by famous musical neighbors. After moving to the Apple he met, played with and was influenced by the greats of the time. You hear some of that in his playing. Ike is a master of the B3. The instrument itself is an emotional tool. It can bring you to tears or to your feet. It can bring back memories or look into the future. Ike makes it do it all.

Earl kicked the trio in the butt. Driving them hard and ever forward. I will never forget this night and my introduction to JABLUZE. If you get a chance to speak with George Green Jr., do it. He has all the stories to tell about his coming up and the wonderful people who showed him the way.

(personal note to club owners) Al P's work ethic and business foresight should be your guideline to success.

Andy G - at Funky BiscuitPhoto by Scott Gillig
at Funky Biscuit
Photo by Scott Gillig
Al Poliak - Funky Biscuit
Photo by Scott Gillig

Rob Peterson at Funky Biscuit
Photo by Scott Gillig
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