Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Arts Garage location decision DELAYED

Crisis potentially averted tonight after Delray Beach offers a solution to space struggle between Arts Garage and a law firm.
See article at Palm Beach Post

Delray City Commission
to decide if Arts Garage
must leave its current location.
Let them know you don’t want them
messin’ with your good thing…

EVERY person receiving this message has some level 
of understanding of the difficulty of creating a venue 
with a great arts vibe and NO ONE knows what 
exactly which components
in what measure makes it work.
So, when it DOES work, WHY MESS WITH IT?
Please invest a minute of your time in
expressing your support of Arts Garage
by joining the petition. Please join them Tuesday
if you are able.
Charlie Boyer, Publisher, Jazz & Blues Florida

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Jazz & Blues Florida

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