Monday, October 22, 2012

Night and day!!! Al loves his music, 24/7!

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 10/22/12

We shall start with Sunday, mid afternoon. Another Sunday at church---well kind of. True I did go to church. To pray you ask? Nooooo. To listen I say. The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami hosts JAZZ concerts on some Sundays. Check out their schedule of performances. I know you will enjoy as I have. Today was a bit unusual. Klezmer/Latin. Klezmer is the happy music played at Jewish weddings, Bah and Bat Mitzvahs and any other occasion where people want to dance and enjoy all of G-ds gifts. Latin rhythms encompass every emotion known to man.

The band Klezmer East is fronted by Paul Green(clarinet) with Jamie Ousley(bass), Carlo (Magnifico) Araya (drums), Seth Merlin(trumpet) and Bob Weiner(piano).Ms. Maria Rivas was the featured guest vocalist. The origins of Klezmer are European and North African (Sephardic), The background of the musicians are varied  a couple of Jewish guys, a Tenessee hillbilly and a short latino. Ms. Rivas is from Venezuela. Klezmer East opened with a Freilach and ended with an encore rendition of "Summertime" In between we heard a Cab Callaway inspired "UtAhZoy", "Night in Tunisia", a song from Yentl, "Shein vee dee la voonum"---You are as pretty as the moon----and Marias signature song "Besame Mucho". Talking 'bout clappin and tappin'. There was some straight ahead stomping too. I spoke to Seth, complimenting him on his tone and alacrity. He proudly showed me his new (50 years or better old) Bach trumpet, and allowed me to test the valves. It was a thrill for me. I haven't held a horn in over 30 years. Never one to quit on a day, Bill and I headed up to Blue Jeans Blues. We caught the tale end of Barbara and Mikes Jam. Bobby Reynolds is back from Alaska(somewhat more flush) and sat-in on piano. He definitely surprised me with his JAZZ chops.

The evening feature was Lourdes Valentin and her new band. What a line-up. Don Kaufman(bass),Orlando Machado(drums), Larry Karp(piano) and Anthony Corrado(multi-instruments) was a guest. If you haven't heard Lourdes lately, you must put her on your list of people to hear. Definitely JAZZier, bending lyrics and melody, letting herself feel the band and vice-versa. The guys-Larry and Orlando were dressed in dark suits with white shirts and ties. Don came in California dress-up, light jacket and slacks with a dark print shirt. Anthony's attire was a swing era brown chalk stripe suit.  Lourdes was captivating in a pink, floor length, spaghetti strap, gown. If I didn't know better I would swear it was 52 St. NY in the early 50's, when hip musicians "dressed". Larry on piano, mouths the figures he is playing adding to his exciting solos. Don, Orlando, Larry and Anthony along with Lourdes provide a great evening of JAZZ.   Next Sunday at BJB's, Charlie Boyer of will be the host during Barbara and Mikes Jam Session. 4PM 'til 7PM. Tix to the Nice/Miami Jazz Festival will be given away. The last Monday of the month is MJC's Rent Party at the Stage in Miami. Feature artist from 8 'til 9 and the best jam session anywhere from 9 until------Don't miss either event. I WILL BE THERE!!!!!!

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