Monday, October 15, 2012

I am absorbing so much culture - Al, living the 'sponge' life in FLA...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 10/15/12

So, Thursday night it was BLUES at the Fish House in Kendall. Friday night I vegged out. Saturday Blue Jeans Blues, Sunday the Aventura Culture and Arts Center. Start with the Blues. Papa Joe led the band with Allen Paul(keys), Mr. Reed(bass), Anthony Nunez(guitar) and  Nate (drums). Bongo, conga, harmonica players sat in off stage. If you want to have fun--clap and tap--do Thursday nights at the Fish House. I was going to go to the "flicks" on Friday but fell asleep and when I woke up I fell asleep again. So much for old "hepcats" going out every night. Saturday afternoon I spent time with Nicole Yarling and Wendy Pedersen at WDNA(88.9). They were conducting a boot camp for young JAZZ vocalists. There were three youngsters there to sing along with a pianist and drummer who was only 14 years old. She had "chops". It was a fascinating couple of hours. The youngsters sang a song of their choice and then were critiqued by Nicky and Wendy. They did the song again and it amazed me how quickly they adapted to the suggestions of their teachers.  Nicole schooled me on the topic of singers as instrumentalists, musicians or vocalists. I am still trying to absorb and understand it. I may have to enroll. Great afternoon. I promised Joe Donato to be at BJB's on Saturday night where he would be filling in for Troy Anderson (on the road). I got there early and heard some new talented young men play for a couple of sets. They were supposed to e-mail me there names but-------Maybe that's the reason some musicians need agents. Joe came on with Rick Dahl(bass) Dolf Castellano(piano) and Danny Burger(drums). They started the set with a traditional New Orleans tune, second line and all. They continued, raucously on, with everybody, musicians and audience having fun. A young man walked in, sax case in hand. Joe invited him up to jam. What can I say? His name is Mrixos (yes it's right) and this kid can blow. He is a student of Susan Epstein at New World. Joe wanted him to stay for the second set but an unfortunate incident forced the young man to leave early. We wish him the best and hope to listen to him again, sometime soon. Sunday brought me to the Aventura Culture and Arts Center. The Center is placed in a beautiful, scenic setting and has fantastic acoustics. The afternoon was a potpourri of the Arts. From operatic vignettes, to piano virtuosos, to poignant storytelling,cabaret and closing with the Mike and Nicky Orta quartet with Carlomagn(ific)o Araya(drums) and Renato Toms(congas). Joining them as featured vocalists were Beatriz Malnic(Brazil) and Maria Rivas(Venezuela). They had me shaking my shoulders and feet doing samba, salsa and meringue steps in my seat. The afternoon concluded with the audience on their collective feet, applauding an outstanding performance by all.

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