Saturday, October 6, 2012

Jewish Jazz Concert - Al finds the rhythm method works at St. John's United Methodist

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 10/06/12

Friday night, I lit my traditional Sabbath candles. Then I went to church. Specifically, St. Johns United Methodist Church in Miami Beach, to attend a concert titled "JEWISH JAZZ". Nestor Zurita a very talented composer and saxophonist founded a non-profit called "Music Without Borders". Its mission, to present JAZZ as played in different regions of the world. If you went expecting to hear some "Fiddler on the Roof", you would have been sorely disappointed. Instead, the audience heard a performance that I would call---4 cats on a hot tin roof----Nestor Zurita(saxophone), Tom Lippincott(guitar), Rey Monroig(drums) and the venerable Kenny Burkhart(B3 organ) tore the Walls of Jericho down. Truly inspired performances by all. Zurita had heard of Flo's passing and dedicated this evening’s presentation to her. Thank you, Nestor.
They opened the program with Nester’s original composition "Under the Olive Tree". At a previous concert where Ed Calle was a guest and the music "Caribbean Flavors" Nestor had composed a piece titled "Under the Banana Tree". Both pieces helped you envision the environment of the areas being represented. Next, "Sad Music"--talk about the "blues". The band followed with another Zurita composition that Nestor called Jewish Dance. It was written for a Jewish wedding. The piece captured the essence of a traditional "freilach". I let Nestor know that freilachs did not have titles but were given numbers. He was gracious and allowed me to re-title the piece to "Freilach #2012". The remainder of the program was made up of traditional and contemporary Israeli melodies arranged by Tom Lippincott. I could virtually see Sabra maidens dancing by firelight in the desert night.
I believe Music Without Borders next presentation will be on October 27. Tango will be featured. Clappin' and Tappin', joyfully, in memory of Flo. 

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