Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Florida Jazz Drummer Announces Novel Release

It's not just about jazz music and musicians.
It's a fantasy told from the point of view of the space
that reacts to the vibrations of sound that takes place
within it.
The reader will have to employ imagination and accept
the premise from a metaphysical standpoint that
THIS JAZZ ROOM communicates away from what is normal
and perceptible senses. It is the personification of the space.
It is cerainly captivated by the vibrations of the music in the space,
in addition to various tangible and abstract realities that are also
present there.

Available at Kindle:

By: Jeffrey Miller
The Drumset Player

He has over fifty years of experience playing the music.
He lives in West Palm Beach. He is a teacher with the
school district there and has a Masters Degree in Music Education.

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