Wednesday, October 24, 2012

R.I.P. John Eluziario "Johnny Luzi"

We lost our dear, dear friend, John Eluziario yesterday.

Johnny Luzi, huge heart and beautiful voice, will always be with me. He lived a very full life . . .

A couple songs, cherished recordings to remember him by:
This is a life to be celebrated; here's Johnny belting it out on bass at SunFest '03:

Johnny was lead singer in a 50s vocal group called The Tempos. He played sax in the Marines band and drums later, settling on bass. This is the first "tune" he learned to sing:

Johnny was 75, mentor for lots of people with substance abuse, himself choosing sobriety the past 33 years. He remained active in that community. Amid some pretty difficult life experiences, he was able to transcend these things such as tragic loss of children and somehow build character. He was one of those rare people with more common sense in his pinky than most have in their entire bodies, the kind of person you would confide in and ask advice, because it was always centered and real .  .  . with a very quick sense of humor to balance.

Thank you all for being such an important part our musical lives over the years . .

From Palm Beach County With Love,

Keith Bell

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  1. Johnny was the first to lead me to the premier group JAZZSTREAM and I first met him singing with the Stafford Ferguson Trio. He was a wonderful musician to play around, great vocalist, and always added his unique touch to whatever he did as he played bass and/or sang. I loved him dearly and will greatly miss him!!! Goodbye dear Johnnie. R.I.P. Natalie Jackson