Tuesday, October 16, 2012

blues at blue jeans - Al knows the colors of life...and the location...

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 10/16/12

Blue Jeans Blues has been in business just a little over 3 years and finally Monday night they had a real BLUES band. Bobby Nathan, just back from a summer on Long Island, with Andy G(drums), Joanne Nathan(keyboard),Steve Byczak(bass guitar) and featuring Hope Gary doing the vocals. They drew a nice crowd for Monday and not quite the season. Dave, a long time BLUES enthusiast had a birthday celebration and sent ice cream birthday cake around the room. People listen to JAZZ. Folks dance to the BLUES and they "crowded the floor". It might be, that BJB's will continue with a BLUES program and also the Sunday Gospel/rock Brunch. I wish Melody luck. She really is a supporter of live music.
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