Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Jazz & Blues Florida's YouTube Site Passes 40,000 views

Another mile-marker was reached in the continued growth of Jazz & Blues Florida yesterday as the number of views of posted videos at surpassed the forty thousand level. This is a 'lifetime' time measurement starting three years and one month ago.

Jazz & Blues Florida Lifetime YouTube views as of 10/23/12
These videos are clips of live performances for the purpose of presenting a glimpse of what viewers are missing by not being there in person to enjoy the live music experience. They are never meant to represent the quality of a live performance or the replication of such through professional recording. And, on more personal level, much of it is done to record a moment that was deemed special in some manner that otherwise would be lost forever.

Yes, jazz & blues is happening in Florida. Thanks to all the artists recorded here and to all the viewers and venues that know how important the live music scene is to a community and to sanity in this world.

In case it needs to be said for someone out there, there is no profit motive in this aspect of Jazz & Blues Florida. Yes, we are occasionally hired to show up to promote a show/festival onsite and to include postings like these, but that is the end of it.  If an artist is ever offended by the posting notifying us is all it takes to have the content taken down and they will never be seen again on our sites.

That being said, browse around and feed your Soul!

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