Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It was a dark and dreary night - And the music played on for Al

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 10/02/12

It was a dark and dreary night----Torrential rains, thunder and lightning----I am in a deep funk and off on a mission of love and grief. My destination Blue Jeans Blues to arrange for "A Celebration of Life" following my loss. Arrangements made, I decide to lighten the load with a bout of heavy drinking. Instead, my heart is lifted by the sounds of a band I had not heard before. "Amereida". They describe it as "world-beat". I listened intently trying to figure out what was so intriguing about their version of all types of music. It was definitely JAZZ. Making you want to listen. Latin rythyms without Latin chord structures, hmmm. Creative solos. Soft. Tasty. Pleasant. Would "gourmet JAZZ" be appropriate? Your choice I guess! Stephanie Mair held the mic and has a real JAZZ voice. Tim Reis(guitar) had me bending forward to listen more closely. Ouri Hersh(drums) held the band straight on course. The last to be mentioned(you know the rest) is George Guzman. Mature, knowledgeable and talented. Keyboard, EWI, soprano sax and flute. Every solo was a treasure. Every back-up line true to the melodic line. I took the opportunity to talk with the band and they are all interesting conversationalists. Glad to say I had only 2 adult beverages and a cup of black coffee and made it home drenched but safe and sound. 
"Celebration of Flo's Life", Sunday at BJB's---Miami Jazz Co-op "Rent Party" Monday at the Stage---Hope to see you all there  

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