Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Youth must be served..."

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 5/4/13

...and not only a hearty breakfast. There's a JAM in Ft. Lauderdale called "First Friday" It is hosted by the Gold Coast JAZZ Society at Art Serve on Sunrise and held monthly on the-------(you guessed right!)

Nicole Yarling plays the role of leader to the middle and high school musicians who come to play and learn.

It was a regular stop of mine but with all that's been happening all around town I admit to being remiss in my attendance. There were some familiar faces, Kim Morton(trombone- Dillard), Christian Cummings(alto-DCA), Jake D. Pardo(guitar-Parkway Middle) and Kobie Alleyne(steel drum-Nova Middle) are players I have heard before. New to me were Sam Sternfeld(alto) and Armando Vergara(trombone) both from Deerfield Beach High, Carla Robinson(piano-Dillard), Tashi Shaw(trombone-Dillard) plus two young women vocalists, Zynzelay Whitsett and CriStyle who joined in late. They all brought their "gifts" to the performances. Imaginative and creative solos by each. Thoughtful riffs backing each other. There is only one more scheduled for the June First Friday and that will end this season. If you have never been, try it. You'll be able to brag about hearing these youngsters when their CD's hit the charts in the years to come. If you had heard Sam Sternfelds solo on "Softly" you would agree with me. I must mention Kobie Alleyne's solo playing of "My Way". It was an absolutely moving musical moment. It brought tears to my eyes and a hug from Nicole when he played the final notes. Nicole opened the show doing a vocal and violin solo version of "Without A Song". The pro's in the rhythm section had Rick(bass), Mark(piano), Lenny(drums). Nicole had brought a guest, Isaac, who plays electro-violin. Carla Robinson at the piano had some interesting phrasing that showed a definite 'Monk' influence.

Seated in front of me was a (and I must say) beautiful, young woman. She danced, sitting very lady-like in her chair. I was expecting to see her jump up at any moment. She was disciplined  and demure. She held tight but moved to every beat. Her name, gracefully given, is Sandra Bennett. Sandra as in "sand".

CriStyle sang "Someone To Watch Over Me" with Kim providing a mellow backing. Needless to say I had a great evening listening to all this young, vibrant talent. They closed with a tune "Air Conditioning" with everyone on stage and a raucous 'Y'all do your own thing' last chorus.  Jeffrey Lee (Resurrection Drums) sitting in at the kit for the final number. Trying to figure out where and who for tonight and start packing for my trip to the Apple for Dillard, New School and Coral Gables in the finals of EE at Lincoln Center. 3 of 15 finalists are from South Florida. A salute to our musical education system. Anybody going to JAX for the JAZZ fest? Let me know       

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