Monday, May 27, 2013

Were You There??? Memories of John Bull & Orange Door Jan 10, 2009 w/ JP Soars and the Red Hots and The Nucklebusters!

Notice the lack of cold weather gear? January in FLA can be GREAT for more reasons than just the music!
JP & Willy front the Red Hots at John Bull in West Palm. I wonder if they are listenin
 to live blues on the patio up north tonight? Bet not!

It is always a good time between sets, too!

...while at the other end of the stage....

The Orange Door, in all its beauty.

Well, we now know where it is happening! At John Bull's!

From the patio area...

Yes, the serious blues people can be found wherever JP plays!

The Orange Door in Lake Park is planning ahead!

Famous Frank and the Nucklebusters cover the stage, and some covers, at the Orange Door.

The team!

Hey! I don't think we are SUPPOSED TO understand it!

Joe Saint in a deep, deep, groove...

Music that just makes you want to grab your honey
and do some dancing under the stars by the fountain!

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