Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Were You There??? Blue Tuesday! Again ! with Mario LaCasse Jan 13, 2009

Well, no apologies here!
Great music, great times!

Bill Rabon takes the vocals...

Notice the intricate fingering here....

OUTTA BOSTON'S!....Nice sign! Does anyone ever go to this place other than for feed
when something is happening elsewhere?

If you don't recognize this it is time for you get out a bit more!

Kinda feels like home, eh?

Kilmo, of Alligator Alley fame, does the bass at Elwoods..

JP remains focused....Kilmo focuses elsewhere...

Mr. Saxman! Great sound, but who are you?

Ok, we just like this photo that is kinda equipment orientated...

Davee's guit.. see detailed portfolio at myspace.com/orangedoor

George Lily doing what he loves, as you can see!

Bill, Mario, and Mark#1 study the blues...

Bill, Mario, and Mark#1 study the blues...

Bill Rabon, Mario LaCasse, and FAMOUS FRANK fend off the adoring fans and fanette
 long enough to pose for pic.

Bob Taylor over in the corner behind the guitars makes sure everyone knows he is there
 even if we can't see him!

Bill assumes "attack mode" on the bass.

Yes, indeededo, Mr. Mario.

Look! It is Cliff, JP, and Kilmo!

Can anyone say... LOST IN BOSTON?

FAMOUS FRANK (notice how we have come to always CAPITALIZE this?) & George HAVING TOO MUCH FUN.

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