Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Were You There??? Memories of Blue Tuesday @ Boston's and More! Jan 6, 2009

Here is a night that I wish a DO OVER was allowed for, just to live it again, not to improve it. So many good people, so much great music... I couldn't make it last night for Josh Smith, but I'll betcha it was a night a lot like this one! Thanks Boston's! Thanks Frank! Thanks everybody! My life is a better place after nights like this...
JP Soars takes the stage with Jeff for a bit..

Tani & Famous Frank...smiles all the way around!
(PS - Did you know Frank hums disco tunes, too?!)

Nice shirt Slip!

John Carey, Jeff Watkins, Bonefish Johnny, Jeff Renza, Kilmo. Some blues, some funk, ALL GREAT!

John, Bonefish, Kilmo & Jeff

Frank, James & Ray

Sad, sad sight...Frank is packed up and ready to go...
how can so much fun be had in such a short time?

Well! Down the street we go... Delray has a 'lock' on the music in S.FLA on Tuesdays!.
HELLO ELWOODS! Look! Chris & Cliff are all confused!

Winning photo of the night! These smiles sum up a great evening of great music and friends.

Put that equipment back on stage! Jeff brought his horn!

Hey, everything else is closed...let's stop by and see if Jackie is at work! Or NOT!
Wow...what a night......

Mr. Renza had a long night of playing hard!

Kilmo tastes the tuna, Ray and James mug it up...

Bonefish Johnny & Bob Weinberg talk it up between sets...

Lisa & Ed Terry - He'll be singing with Bobby Nathan Wed. night at the Dive Bar in FLL....

Jeff's weapon of choice

Kilmo & Bob Weinberg

Mr. Taylor playing and doing electrical work at the same time!

Anika & JP

Kilmo, Ed Terry, Bobby Nathan and Ray are all in the house!

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