Sunday, May 26, 2013

Were You There??? Memories of The Moose & The Dive - Jan 14, 2009

Mike is a bit early for the Chocolate Moose Thursday Jam, but is ready to make some music!

Al, saxiest man in the place!

Honestly, you are really missing some of Floirda's best music if you don't stop by
and check out this band on Wednesday nights.

Jeff jumps in! Al and Jeff Watkins provide the horns. Real deal players. Xavier provides a look of approval here!

JoJo (Keys), Al & Jeff Watkins (sax), Xavier (vocals), Bobby Nathan (guitar & vocals),
Bob Cleary (bass) and Andy G. on drums in the back!

There is Andy! He brings this high-quality entertainment to The Dive Bar every Wednesday.

Julie (far left) completes the band as special guest percussionist.

Julie (far left) completes the band as special guest percussionist.

The Chocolate Moose, in the Pine Island Plaza in Davie, not only serves up the music
 but an excellent caramel brownie dessert

The Chocolate Moose runs both blues and jazz jams, so be sure to check the schedule
before heading out so you know what gear to bring....

When you see this scene, you are at the Dive Bar in FLL.

Over at the Dive Bar, our arrival coincides exactly with the START of a set.
Just how often does THAT happen?

Xavier joined in as the lead singer in a fantastic R&B/Soul set.
I just sat there thinking "And I don't have to pay to hear this!"

Bobby Nathan and Bob Cleary (Bass). Tight, practised, and professional -
with excellent sound quality in the house. Nice!

Bobby Nathan on the guitar & vocals. This is a PROFESSIONAL group. Real deal.
Even covers are inspired to the point that they OWN them!

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