Saturday, May 30, 2015

Bob Margolin Plays Buckingham Blues Bar - Real Blues, Real Place, Real People... Photos & Vids from last night's show.

Last night Jazz Blues Florida drove to the Caloosahatchee, headed up-river, took a right at the Orange River, and headed down towards Buckingham, past Cemetery Road, and into a night of music to remember.

A quick stop at the The Hut and Peace Tropical Gardens' dog friendly patio bar (traveling with Princess & Kathy this evening) for a starter beverage and some of their great bar-menu apps for dinner and to catch a couple of Harry Cassano's tunes from the main stage inside. Running late, of course, so the tour of the grounds and a more relaxed meal will wait for another day (or night, as is usually the case).

Tommy Lee Cook, proprietor of the World Famous Buckingham Blues Bar, must have been an art and history major in school because when you pull up to his roadhouse at night out here in this Lee County designated "Rural Community Preserve", it is like stepping into a painting of the past. The green lights shining down on the signage, proudly, and simply, giving you the name of the joint and who is up on stage tonight. The neon lights through the window slats. The large oaks, dripping moss unto the roof, the paved-to gravel parking lot that fronts the building and runs around the northside to the backyard and into the darkness. Do you think there are gators in that pond just over the fence back there at the end of the lot? Or, maybe, a mule or two, in the field beyond the water?

So, come on inside, say hello to Karen behind the bar, Sid, Mel, Chris, and of course, Tommy Lee himself. Order a cold one, sit back, and enjoy the music of Bob Margolin, who has played more places like this across and around the world than there are songs to sing. Welcome to Buckingham...

Harry Cassano on the main stage...

Yes, Buckingham even has it own 'flavor' of Florida music!

When you get there, this is what you get...

A typical atypical roadhouse... why?
How many do you know of with a music playground out back?

Let's take a peek in....yep! Music is on!

Keeping an eye on things....

When the 'feel' matches the music, magic happens!

This one is going in the 'permanent' file! 

How many roads? How many stages? How many songs?

Bob, as cool as the music he plays...

And more! 

Tad Walters & Kathy mugging it up!

Here is the youtube playlist for the night. 
Start the vid and it will 
loop through all five clips. Enjoy!

5641 Buckingham Rd
Fort Myers, FL 33905 (239)693-7111
All shows at 9pm, except Bluesfests.  Every Sun: Open Blues Jam 3-6pm; Every Wed: Blues Jam Night, 8-11pm; Friday, Saturday shows, free or pay, are no-smoking. Inside shows 9pm start. Backyard Blues Fest shows 2pm start.  May 29: Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin; June 9: JP Soars & The Red Hots; July 17, 18: Reverend Billy C. Wirtz.

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