Friday, August 16, 2013

Jazz booking opportunity/introduction for major club in Southeast Florida

John Yurt, of The Back Room Blues Bar fame, called me to inquire about jazz referrals for Michael Fagien’s JAZZIZ Nightlife club in Boca Raton which he is now booking. John’s strong suit is of course the blues and he reached out to me for input on the jazz side of things.  Instead of making individual recommendations (other than for those that use our promotion services who have already been contacted about the opportunity - hint! hint!) I am sending out an email to Jazz Blues Florida’s jazz contacts and posting this notice. 

Jazz Blues Florida is NOT acting as an agent in any capacity regarding this. We are simply providing introductions, so please contact John directly to inquire about obtaining a gig and remember us for your promotional needs.  Due to our growing and 'connected' presence in the market and the large number of requests we receive from both venues and artists for agency services, we are beginning to formulate plans to add that element to our business platform. Stay tuned for future announcements regarding our expansion.

Here is John’s info:
John Yurt
(561) 860-4679

I wish you good luck in obtaining some GREAT bookings!


Charles R. Boyer, Publisher
Jazz & Blues Florida
(561) 313-7432

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