Saturday, August 25, 2012

Loozin' the blues - Al saz goodbye to the blues and Hello to Flo & Graham

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 8/25/12

Flo has finally returned to the "scene". So, I am relieved of the blue funk that has enveloped me over the past several weeks. What better way to say goodbye and looz those blues than to go out and listen to some really jamming BLUES. The Big Easy on Hollywood Blvd. proved to be the spot to do that in. Graham Wood Drout returned to the live music venue, slimmer, trimmer and in better health. Even more dynamic than before, he was fronting a great BLUES band. I will start with Emmy Award winner, John Ryan, playing a Hammond XK1. Did I say play? This was not play. This was a serious artist doing some wonderful stuff on an electronic instrument. Flo was as glad as I that this is how we chose to looz our lonely BLUES. Not quite enough? Okay!! Now, Nicole Yarling on BLUES violin. The absolute professor of the art. She followed artistry with R&R fun, singing "Go Jim Dandy" & "Baby Don't You Want To Go". I am truly sorry that I didn't get the rest of the sextets names because everyone on that stage was outstanding. Flo felt it was a great way to have a Welcome Home party. So did I. Tonight it's Art's Garage for Jonathan Kreisberg and then Monday the MJC Rent Party at the Stage. Dana Paul doing a tribute to "Blood, Sweat and Tears" The featured act at the Rent Party is preceded by an hour long JAZZ Jam and followed by another JAZZ Jam that continues 'til closing. If you play or listen, don't miss this one.

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