Monday, August 13, 2012

the fat lady sings - and Al knows about it

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 8/13/12

When someone says "mezzo soprano" it conjures up a picture of a somewhat heavy lady in an overbearing dress, surrounded by tall guys holding spears, and another somewhat heavy guy lying on the floor bleeding. The lady is singing at the top of her lungs and the spear carriers are humming in the background. Well those of us JAZZophiles who are living in south Florida can see and listen to some of the finest and most beautiful mezzo sopranos in the world without any of the aforementioned histrionics. To name a few, not in any particular order, Nicole Henry, Wendy Pederson, Maria Rivas, Lisette Lyons, Nicole Yarling, Rita Wilbern, Brenda Alford, Debbi Orta, Lourdes Valentin, all appear at our local clubs.(additionally none of them could be described as somewhat heavy) We are far more than just lucky. We are blessed. Go out to listen to a live performance of any one of these gals (oops) Ladies and you will not be disappointed. Last night at BJB's it was Maria Rivas. The trio behind her was Danny Burger, Brian Murphy and Jamie Ousley. The crowd out front filled the room. Surprising for a Sunday night, way off-season. Maria was on her "game" to say the least. She and the band responding to one another and the audience catching the fever. It was an exciting night and no-one had to wait for someone to be stabbed to listen to our own kind of "mezzo soprano".

Also made a stop across the street at Fish Tales for some BLUES and got a special treat. Joey Gilmore holding forth with my good buddy Raul Hernandez on drums, Crossfire on guitar and Al Ferriera playing a Bluesy tenor. If Joey and this group don't get you tappin' and clappin' you better call a mortician!!!! 

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