Thursday, August 16, 2012

another JAZZ love story - Al luvs LOVE!

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 8/16/12

If you read the last couple of reviews, you might remember that I've written about love in the JAZZ world. Brenda, Wendy and Julie have spoken to me about their mates and romance. Last night I had the opportunity to speak with the popular B3 player Kenny Burkhart. He has an interesting tale of love. He's a kid in Lancaster PA.  He plays accordion in a local band doing high school dances and small weddings in the community. Kenny is pretty good. He can even play "Lady of Spain" and shake the box for vibrato effect. One night a guy in the audience approaches him, complimenting him on his proficiency. Out of nowhere the man says "You shouldn't be playing that thing. You should try the B3. Kenny had no idea what he meant. "Get a Jimmy Smith album, "The Sermon". Listen and learn. You won't regret it." Kenny bought the album the next day. He listened, learned and promised himself that someday he would play as "good" as Jimmy Smith. He prevailed on his parents and finally between his savings and their wanting to stop his whining they put together the $2200 for a Hammond B3 Lewis model. The transition from vertical to horizontal was a little strange. Pedals were another thing altogether. But as all philosophers tell us "Love conquers all". So this time it wasn't boy meets girl, no, it was boy meets B3 and it was an affair made in Heaven. So far this love has lasted over 45 years and continues to grow. 

This conversation took place before a "Reunion" performance by "JAZZberry Patch" Ben Champion(tenor sax & 2 recent bypasses) fronting the band with Kenny B on the B3, Martin Hand on a guitar made in 1966 and Danny Burger playing drums. Danny insists it's not WORK. Paulie Cohen, Jack Siegel and Russ Freeland sat in and helped make the evening a delight.

Now a little about the economics. BJB's gets a $5 cover on Wed. Fri. and Sat. with no minimum. Upstairs at the VanDyke, $10 cover and a 1 drink min. per set.

The MJC Rent Party asks for a $10 contribution at the door with no minimum required. Top of the Bridge $10 cover, no minimum. There is no place in the entire world where you can hear this amount of talent for this small amount of money. In the Apple, Chicago and L.A. covers of $25 to $40 per set are not unusual and generally come with a 2 drink (at $12-$20per) minimum. If I was selling furniture or TVs I would be shouting from the rooftops. "TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS ONCE IN A LIFETIME OPPORTUNITY" Get out and support Live music tonight. P.S. the guitar Martin was playing belongs to Vincent Maiello (Cousin Vinny) He and I are political rivals and may soon run against (or into) one another for an upcoming post in the College of Musical Knowledge. ===see Kay Kyser===  

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