Friday, August 3, 2012

lissenin' to da blues - Al surpasses JazzBluesFlorida in personal appearances in South Florida!

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 8/3/12

I arrived in south Florida 6 years ago. O’Hara’s on Las Olas and Hollywood Blvd. were still open. Mrs. Murphy's on Commercial had a jam session on Sunday afternoons and Tobacco Road in Brickell was the place for BLUES. Flo and I love music, JAZZ and BLUES in particular. Our friend Bill suggested that we might try a place in Kendall (where in the heck is that?) The Fish House, on Monday nights. Always looking for another place for music we ventured out one Monday night. The house band was fronted by a Cubano (believe it!!!) blues man, Papa Joe. Darrell Raines on rhythm guitar, George Caldwell on bass and Cuqui Berrios on organ. I am sorry but I forget the drummer’s name.

This band DID play the BLUES. The Fish House became our regular Monday night hangout. That is where we heard Ray Martinez (organ) and Nico Wayne Toussaint (harp) for the first time.

Let me tell about the music. I lived in Southern California for 25 years and heard some really great JAZZ musicians. The BLUES bands on the other hand, lacked soul. They seemed to have replaced it with huaraches. Well, Darrell, George, Joe and Cuqui revived my belief that the BLUES was the foundation of JAZZ. Last night at The Big Easy on Hollywood Blvd. Darrell’s trio was featured. Darrell, George and Jimmy Harrell on drums. From Delta (you could hear the 'gator tail swishing) to Chicago (listen to the rumble of the train going "round The Loop) to Memphis and Kansas City(you could smell the BBQ) they played the BLUES. I have listened to an awful lot of BLUES, from musicians famous and not so, it is hard for me not to put Darrell in the star division. Darrell and George also make regular appearances at FishTales on 33St. in Fort Lauderdale. Nico is on tour. Cuqui has disappeared from sight and sound but I hope he returns soon. I think Papa Joes Jam has moved to Friday night. Check our listings.

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