Sunday, August 26, 2012

what a difference a day the life of Al Kanovsky

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 8/26/12

"What a difference a day makes. 24 little hours" Yep!!! Only 24 hours but 100 years apart. Friday night Flo and I were at the Big Easy listening to Graham Wood Drout and his band playing BLUES. Saturday night we were at Art's Garage listening to Jonathan Kreisberg and his band playing today’s JAZZ. Jonathan’s music is at the cutting edge of modern JAZZ. His experiments with harmonics and rhythmic patterns keep you on the edge of your seat, paying close attention to the nuance of the sounds. Joining him on stage were Will Vinson (alto sax and piano), Joe Martin (bass) and Mark Ferber (drums). The audience included some South Florida JAZZ notables, namely Davis & Dow, Jamie Ousley, Nanami Morikawa, Paul Shewchuk and Dr. Lonnie Smith. Young Ben Stocker (tenor sax) a member of the award winning Dillard High School Band was there to listen and be enlightened. We were lucky to have as table-mates, journalist and musician, Bill Meredith, who writes for Jazz & Blues Florida (He wrote the cover story in the August edition of Jazz & Blues Florida on Jonathan) and JAZZIZ and web designer Jerry Kornbluth. Both are very knowledgeable JAZZophiles so it made for interesting, informative conversation. Solos by Vinson, Martin and Ferber were impressive and Jonathan himself is as sensitive a musician as I have ever heard. Again, I was surprised that a mostly "mature" audience was held in rapt attention, through the two sets, thoroughly enjoying  the music presented.

BLUES were born more than 100 years ago----JAZZ is its child and continues to grow---100 years but only a day apart---What a difference a day makes. 
p.s. coming soon in the Love Story category---Jamie and Nanami---a tale of true love.

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