Sunday, March 4, 2012

wednesday just a few miles...Al Kanovsky checks in from the road

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By: Al Kanovsky

The two JAZZ spots described in the following are probably just 35 miles apart. A half hour or so on the famed I95. Ideologically & musically they are twins. But in no way identical. Wednesday afternoon at 12:15 the MJC presents JAZZ in the Gables at the Coral Gables Museum. Wednesday night at about 8:00 the Danny Burger showcase at BJB's. MJC had Troy Roberts on Tenor. BJB had Ira Sullivan on horns. One from the era to come. One from an era past. Both incomparable artists. The venues are a different matter and represent the complete opposites of the JAZZ spectrum. JAZZ at the Gables is held in an almost pristine courtyard with listeners basking in the sun or chilling in the shade of an umbrella. Danny's showcase is in a JAZZ joint with JAZZophiles standing elbow to elbow at the bar or crowded together at small tables. The Gables hushed, BJB's raucous at times. I am fortunate enough to find either lacation "convenient" travel wise. When JAZZ men like Troy & Ira are appearing it wouldn't make any difference. Flo and I would make every attempt to be there to listen. Troy's rhythym section had Dave Chiverton(drums), Derick Fairholm(keys)and Eric England(bass). Ira had Danny Burger (drums), Brian Murphy(piano) and Dr. Jamie Ousley(bass). I don't have to tell you that I enjoyed every moment and every single note of both bands. A group of  about 25 American Veterans came to the Gables. They honored us all by their presence and hope they return. Rick took the opportunity to thank them all for their sacrifice. We hope they choose to return. A bunch of guys and gals I know and don't know were at BJB's. Young, old and in between including Tommy and Babette and Yale and Isabel and Deborah and Duane and Bill and----I could go on through fifty or so names of folks we recognized but I might choose to take a nap instead. Anthony Corado and Lourdes entertained prior to Danny's Showcase. Interestingly, as part of their segment Lourdes sang "Wade in de Water" which was one of the spirituals sung at St. Johns this weekend. It made me, once again realize,how deeply rooted JAZZ is in American history.   Hey!!!! A shout out to Mike Orta who celebrated his BIG 50th. Feliz Birthday to you, Mike. A thought just came to me. (A thought you say????) Yes!!! Whenever I try to say a particular musician is a favorite of mine, I realize that they are ALL favorites and that is why we always have a place to go to listen to our beloved JAZZ. 

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