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Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 3/24/12
Friday proved to be another "newer vs older" chapter. This time in the Latin JAZZ genre. Ed Bell hosted a radio show featuring "Tiempo Libre" The band members are all young Cuban expatriates and talented musicians to boot. Monday I had listened to Orquestra Renaissance playing Tito Puente, Machito, Tito Rodriguez etc. Friday I heard the contemporary version of traditional Cuban music. "Tiempo Libre" as a group have been together for 10 years and you can tell. They are dynamic and "tight". The idea of "Gua Guanco" has always intersted me. As a boy (1948) I had the opportunity to visit Havana. Clusters of people would be gathered on street corners and dancing. Sometimes just to the clapping of hands. At other times there might be claves or bongos and even horns. The dancers did not do "steps". They improvised much like JAZZ musicians do. Nothing was exactly the same as the time before. I can never get a formal translation of "gua guanco" outside of the idea of freedom of expression whether it be dance or music or even just rythym. How the Cuban people who are the embodiment of freedom, have endured through so many years of oppression is beyond my comprehension.
Viva Tiempo Libre and Freedom

I guess my "wearing of the green" wasn't enough for St. Patrick. This Wednesday was Tom McCormick Day. Tom covered South Florida like the proverbial glove. The early session was at the JAZZ in the Gables. Wednesday night at BJBs. The daylight performance was with the backing of young JAZZmen, none over 28. Dave Chiverton(drums) Eric England(bass) Chris Cadenhead(keys). Chris shlepped a Fender Rhodes Mark I electric piano and it sounded great. Listening to Tom playing with the young cats and vice-versa was special because of the melding of the ages through the music we love. JAZZ lives and will continue to live with the talented young musicians you can listen to today. So Tom after doing a yeomans job in bright sunshine comes to BJBs. It was a reunion of JAZZberry Patch. Ben Champion looked great but is still recovering and did not play. Tom steps up on the stage and no longer is he in front of the young lions. In sharp contrast he is surrounded by guys just a few years younger than me. Danny Burger(drums) Martin Hand(guitar)Kenny Burkhart(Hammond B3)--talk about shlepping an instrument--Ron Champion(trumpet). They open with Duke's "A Train" and figuratively tear the walls down. During the 2d set Jack Seigel(trumpet) and Russ Freeland(trombone) sat in. What was wondrous to me was the continuity of performance ie: afternoon and evening. Tom was comfortable with the young musicians and they were very much in tune with him. The night time session was ear candy even though the guys playing with Tom were "more mature".
It is heartening to me that the younger JAZZ musicians I am privileged to listen to today are so talented and dedicated to keeping JAZZ alive and well.

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