Tuesday, March 6, 2012

kilmo & the native florida tap room, as per Al Kanovsky

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By: Al Kanovsky, 3/5/12

Sunday afternoon at a joint called "The Native Florida Tap Room" they had an afternoon (4 'til 8) blues session. If I were to open a "blues" bar I think I would name it something else. Fronting the band was Dave Shelley. If I were to open a "blues" joint I couldn't think of any one I'd rather have on stage than Dave. The opinion about the name is maybe only mine. The opinion about Dave is probably shared by anyone who has ever listened to the "blues". Alice is at the bar and she doesn't let a single soul get too thirsty.

The drinks moderately priced and they have 15 exotic beers on tap. The sound system is exceptional. Dave shared the stage with Kilmo(bass) John Yarling(drums) and Rick Rossano(rhythym guitar).
  Rick and Kilmo both did good solo work with John driving them all the way. Mr. Dave Shelley had us and several others shaking our proverbial bootys. "The Native Florida Tap Room" has only been open a couple of weeks and is still in "shakedown" mode, tweeking this and that. It's on Hollywood Blvd with no sign signifying that there is a blues joint there. A dollar--a dream--and our good wishes for success.   al k

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