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THE EAGLE FLIES ON FRIDAY!!!!! And so does Al Kanovsky!

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Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 3/12/12

Saturday I go out and play------and we did play. Saturday night at Satchmo they start with comedy at eight and then it's BLUES.
Big Papa E was the featured band. What a band this is. Papa E out front, Darryl Raines(guitar) George Caldwell(bass) Herman Persel(drums) and a new addition, Shana(keys). It was like a night in Memphis, Beale St. I mean. Straight ahead, down home blues. Papa E doing vocals, playing harp and guitar. Darryl playing as only he can play. Herman driving the band and Shana providing strong, melodic rhythym background. I saved George for last. I tease him about his rusty, dusty Cadillac. I have nothing but admiration for this very talented musician/composer. He wrote many of the songs on an album entitled "Mississippi
Burning". George, Darryl and Herman are locally born & bred. Shana is from Finland. Big Papa E is one of my "homeboys", if I can use that term, having been born and raised in The Apple.  Flo and I, as well as all the other listeners enjoyed every moment as we always do when we get to hear this band. Harald, the owner of Satchmo and chief bottle washer, doubled as the sound tech and did a great job. Satchmo originally opened with a strictly "BLUES" policy. Now, they do big band, comedy and JAZZ as well. Congrats to Harald and his lovely (girls that is) wait staff.

Sunday, I go to church ---------.  Today we went to church both figuratively and literally. First to City Hall for their Gospel brunch and then to the Universalist Church to listen to Wendy Pederson and Jim Gasior perform. City Hall is a restaurant in Miami that holds a Gospel brunch on Sundays. Mariell Epps does the singing and encourages audience participation. It is always fun. A  trio backs her. Mario Marerro(keys), Eric Howard(alto sax) and Buffalo Brown(bass guitar). Their solos add to the joy generated by Mariels spiritual message. The Universalist Church is in South Miami and is well known amongst JAZZophiles. They present a once a month program of JAZZ on Sunday afternoons. Today, it was Wendy Pederson accompanied by Jim Gasior at the piano. "Who Could Ask For Anything More". Wendy and Jim "nailed it". The program presented was original and beautifully done. Part of the performance was a medley of songs made famous by Billy Holiday. It included "Fun Out of Life" (not done often enough) and "Strange Fruit"(almost never a part of JAZZ vocalists repertoire). Brava to them for having the courage. Their performanc of "'round Midnight" brought the audience to its feet. The listeners included many JAZZ artists including Rick Harris, Lisette Lyons, Dr. Jaimie Ousley and Rudolfo Zuniga. An afternoon of music that was not to be missed. Next month Ira Sullivan and the following is "Oriente".

Flo and I were not done playing (we should have been praying). Headed back north to Blue Jeans Blues for one set with Dr. Ousley and Samm. Steven Scott played piano, and I mean PIANO. It had been a long day. Exhaustion was setting in. Our apologies to Samm and Jaimie for not being able to stay longer. To all---keep you hand clappin' and toes tappin' .
P.S. A personal note to the barefoot performer. Diana Krall does "Popsicle Toes" but nothing can compare to "Those Talented Toes"
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