Sunday, August 9, 2015

Brandon Santini at The Knuckle Down Saloon in Madison WI - Jazz & Blues Florida on the Road!

Made a short (70 miles) side-trip after the Waukesha Blues Festival yesterday over to The Knuckle Down Saloon to catch me some Brandon Santini and his kicker band. Well worth the drive! A friendly greeting at the door (And a pretty one, at that! Chad Wirl, on the kit tonight, has himself one fine lady - Heather.), a clean and comfortable club with happy patrons, great service, food, and value pricing. Also, very accessible off the main roads, but tucked away mostly out-of-sight in an semi-industrial area. My kind of place!

As the photos of the past and upcoming schedules shows, The Knuckle Down knows their blues!

Working the door was Dave Leucinger, a local radio station blue program host - TWO FOR THE BLUES. He must have been playing hookie this night, as his program runs 8-10 Saturdays!  The station, WORT - 89.9FM, Madison WI, and I have a long history, and it played a major role in my current life. Back in the early 80's when I lived in Madison I had to make some time-management decisions about work and finishing up college as a returning, non-trad(boy, doesn't THAT word sum me up!) full-time student while also being a full-time working person to pay for it. Anyway, the TV went in the attic and I turned on the radio and WORT was there with the blues and all other sorts of great music I had only little previous exposure to. So, it is all their fault!  Good to know they are still there to influence others after all this time. I'm pretty sure I still have a WORT coffee mug somewhere as a donor/supporter premium!

So, tonight for the last set, we were treated to a full-energy blowout with the band (Chad Wirl - drums & Timo Arthur - guitar & Nick Hern - bass) keeping it going until past midnight. Originals, a couple covers, and all right-on and appreciated. Seemed everyone in the joint was on the dance floor, searching for body-warmth, for the ten-plus-minute slow burner! My glass of wine kept me company at the bar.... sigh....

An industry compatriot, Lee Ann Flynn, photographer of excellence for Big City Rhythm & Blues magazine, made it for the last couple tunes. She did the same I-94 run I did across the state to get here after the Waukesha fest. You can see some of her shots from last night now on Brandon's Facebook page.

As I write this, Brandon and the band are playing in Springfield IL, as they make their way back towards Memphis. I'll catch up with them a bit later in the year when they come down for one of their Florida tour swings.

Here are some vids and pics (not quite the quality of Lee Ann's, but we do what we can!) for you enjoyment.


The locals know where to go for the blues...
Does a Panama count?

They got it all!

Love a place with good sound in an up-close and personal space!

What is going to happen!

Perfection in a 10:55pm Saturday night $6 cheeseburger!

What happened....

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