Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jazz & Blues Florida's Email Subscribers Now Number Over 10,000!

As a leading indicator of (upward) trending matters of importance on Florida's live jazz and blues scene, things are looking pretty darn good!

We spent the last two days mostly catching up on the backlog of new email list subscribers and we hit the 10,000 mark! And, we finally had the time to break them down into groups by genre and regional requests. Here are the numbers (they add up to far beyond 10,000 due to many subscribers requesting to be on the distribution list for more than one region):

Current Active Subscribers 10,115
Broward 2,205
Broward Jazz 1,851
Broward Blues 1,636
East-Central 1,647
EC Jazz 1,233
EC Blues 1,274
Keys  757
K Jazz 651
K Blues 655
Miami 1,667
M Jazz 1,529
M Blues 1,156
Northeast 1,345
NE Jazz 1,005
NE Blues 1,085
Northwest 786
NW Jazz  603
NW Blues          656
Palm Beach County 1,996
PB Jazz 1,635
PB Blues 1,523
Southwest 1,097
SW Jazz 815
SW Blues 907
West-central 1,462
WC Jazz 1,117
WC Blues 1,185
Magazine Notice Only   2,541
Old/Removed Addresses(past subscribers)  6,281
No Email Address/other  3,376

Along with this news, Jazz & Blues Florida is proud to announce that the September issue of our online magazine will be the biggest in the ten-year history of our business. And, this is the low season!

Thank you to our readers, our clients, and the musicians and venues that make it all spin.

Charles R. Boyer, Owner/Publisher
Jazz & Blues Florida
(561) 313-7432

PS - Deadline for order placements for the October issue is 9/23/15. Email with inquiries.

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