Wednesday, April 25, 2012

short, sweet, and hot w/ allen kanovsky

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 4/25/12
When I say those three words, short, sweet and, hot, I am not talking about my high school sweetheart. What I am describing is a guy who is featured on tenor sax with the Bobby Nathan Band. The rest of the guys are not chopped liver either. Muggy Doo(B3) Andy G(drums) Steve B(bass guitar)Bobby Nathan(guitar/vocals) out front. Doug Treen is the reed man. Doug's blowing is reminiscent of the early days of honkers and bar walkers.

Guys like Jimmy Forrest, Cozy Eggleston and Paul Bascomb. Exciting and fun to listen to. Having this band backing your solos does no harm but inspires Doug to play his best. The  "Open Mic Tuesday Jam" at Fish Tales  brings out the best blues artists South Florida has. This week we had the pleasure of listening to, Sistah Mary Beth(blues vocals) and Patrick Fiones(guitar-B3-and anything else he could get his hands on). There were lots of others. I am sorry I didn't get all the names. I will try harder next time. Let me conclude with; this is no ordinary "open mic". Everyone who gets up on that stage can really PLAY!!!!
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