Tuesday, April 24, 2012

music makes the world go 'round w/ allen kanovsky

Submitted by Al Kanovsky, 4/24/12

Talk about going around town in nothin' flat. Flo and I have been on what seems to have been a road trip. But well worth the miles in exchange for the sounds. Wednesday night Nicole Henry returned from her tour of Russia to appear at BJB's. As tired as she must have been from the long flight earlier that day, she put on a fabulous frock and sang her heart out for an appreciative CROWD. The rhythm section was the band she played her first JAZZ gigs with in the not so long ago. Danny Burger (drums)Mike Orta(piano) and Paul Shewchuk(bass). Thursday, almost right around the corner at Kitchen 305(Newport Hotel) Maria Rivas also returning from Europe played with a great quartet including Jamie Ousley(bass). Friday we bounced around from here and there including Satchmo  and ending up with Ike Woods Revue at BJB. Saturday, we joined Rick & Fran Katz for a concert at the Miami-Dade Cultural Center. This is a must go to venue. The theater holds 900 and is architecturally magnificent. Superior acoustics and sound system make the listening experience even better. The Turtle Island String Quartet were performing a tribute to the music of John Coltrane. What music lover could miss it?

Truth be told it will take a little time for me to become comfortable with the voicing of a traditional classical string quartet playing "the Trane" charts.

On the way home, after all it was only around 11P.M., we stopped at Gamaroffs on
Federal Highway
to catch the last set of Anthony Corrado and Lourdes. A bunch of folks hanging out late, clappin' their hands and tappin' their toes.

Thank the Lord for Sunday. Sleep late and then music, music, music.   First to Fish Tale for Patrick Fiornes and some blues. Then to BJBs for Barbara Van, Mike Orta and Linc Lacky and their Sunday Jam. We scooted up to Commercial, where a German restaurant we like had set up temporary service, for dinner. Back to BJBs for the American debut performance of Nanami Marikawa. The room was abound with many well known South Florida JAZZ stars. Wendy Pedersen and her guitarist husband, Lisanne Lyons, Rick Harris, SAMM, MJCs Rick Katz. All of the aforementioned (except Rick Katz, thankfully)gracefully took the stage during the 2d set. Ms. Marikawa captured the audience with her very first song. Her rhythmic sense and proficiency at bending melodic lines made for an astounding performance. Please excuse the superlatives but they are all well deserved. Nanami was surrounded by all the talent you could fit on that small stage. Carlomag(nific)o Araya(drums), DOCTOR Jamie Ousley(bass) and Jim Gasior "Jimmy the Jammer G" on piano. Wendy, Lisanne, Rick and SAMM helped make the evening an exceptional night of hand clappin' and toe tappin'. Flo and I are taking Monday off to sharpen our ear drums for the rest of the week. Don't forget the tribute to Benny Goodman with Peplowski and the South Florida Jazz Orchestra coming up soon. Get your tickets early.
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