Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Review of Kenny Tsak's New Release "Like I Do"

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By Jim White (BlueNotes Columnist)

"Florida & Arizona based Kenny Tsak is some kind of roadhouse-flavored bluesy rock and country guy, with a tough little band around him that swings behind sharp guitar work, driving bass, keyboards that roll like the river, and sax that's lusty to the point of embarassment."

"Tsak plays tough guitar, writes tough songs, sings with an even tougher voice, and the band plays fine and tough music that gives you rock, blues and some country all with passion and abandon."

"This is a fine little album from a group of fine musicians (Avery T. Horton Jr., bass; James Holt, piano and keyboards; Frank Perez, sax and Andy "G", drums) , great dance music, lots of fun. Remember the name Kenny Tsak in case he turns up in your neighborhood."

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