Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cuillo Centre for the Arts, in West Palm Beach Florida closes for summer - hold that jazz, hold that blues

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By Kevin D. Thompson Arts and Culture, Theater News June 03, 2009

"On Jan. 20, the Cuillo Centre for the Arts opened its doors for those who wanted to watch President Obama's inauguration in comfort. (Lannis Waters / The Post)The curtain is closing on the Cuillo Centre for the Arts this summer.
The 10-year-old West Palm Beach theater had planned to keep its doors open, but a tight economy made that difficult.
“It’s been a rough time for us,” said Zac Phillips, the theater’s executive director. “We will close for the next few months and continue to plan for next season.”
The closing marks the first time the theater has gone dark during the summer months."

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