Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jazz & Blues Florida's Youtube Views Top 125,000!

Who would have thought it possible?

Beside me, that is!

Yes, there is a LOT of interest in 'our' music, and 
these numbers and the other activity reports*

Check it out! 


1) We do not try to recreate the experience of live music through these videos. Our goal is provide a glimpse into the scene and inspire others to come out and get some for themselves, live and real.

2) Yes, the vast majority of the vids are of artists that are clients or of shows in clubs that are clients. We are not apologizing to anyone for making a point of supporting those that keep us in business.

3) We have only had one complaint about copyright issues, and it was filed directly with Youtube instead of simply being brought to our attention. If it had been brought to us directly, it would have been removed without issue. And the person that filed the complaint will never see his name anywhere, ever again, in any form, on our platform. 

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