Monday, June 16, 2014

Selwyn Birchwood Band at Boston's on the Beach Blue Tuesday, June 10, 2014

(Yes, it is dated by old name, but I like it!)

Blue Tuesday #289 (June 10, 2014) at Boston's on the Beach. Another winner. For certain. That new CD of theirs is already world-wide, and the band is off for an extensive summer festival tour. Good for them! Have fun and come back wealthy, please!

If you want some more info on Selwyn and the band and their winning ways, check out this month's issue of Jazz & Blues Florida - They are the main feature this month!

Only one more Blue Tuesday to go before summer vacation starts and Tuesdays go dark until October 7 when Blue Tuesday resumes for the season with the Annual Don Cohen / Musicians Exchange Reunion.

And, just found out that we won't be in attendance for #290 when Rusty Wright Band from Michigan takes the stage (probably "takes the stage APART" is more likely!). 

Selwyn Birchwood Band
Selwyn Birchwood - Guitars & Vocals
Donald Huff Wright - Bass
Regi Oliver - Baritone sax!
Curtis Lamar Nutall - Drums

Tonight's Special Guests:
Betty Lou Fox - Vocals
Famous Frank - Guitar & vocals
Daniel Lombardi - Guitar

Great to see so many friends this evening. Blue Tuesdays are very special, and every single one is a pleasure to attend. The years have passed quickly, but the great memories will last forever. See you there not-soon-enough!

Take note, pass it on, and see you at Blue Tuesday in October!

Yes, ANOTHER Florida blues band that is the hottest thing on the planet!

Hope is shy. Pretty, but shy... She is also the person that makes sure each and every issue of Jazz & Blues Florida is top-notch/first-quality and she is also very much appreciated for that! THANK YOU! If you need some great graphics done by a pro, contact me for Hope's referral info. She is going to charge you A LOT, because she has to make up for the poor compensation from us for all her work!

Bongo and Ms. Cindy... Blue Tuesday-ers to the core!

Betty Lou Fox and James Noble - Wish they would have met up at the Orange Door a few years back!

Make up your own caption here folks...

Hi Everybody! Safe travels this summer! Hope to see you in NOLA or Greenville, or wherever our paths cross!
(L-R) Bella, Mary, Tom, Piano Bob

Famous Frank takes the band for a test drive.... No repairs necessary here!

Post Blue Tuesday Beach Recovery Time...
Flat seas and bathtub beaches. Yes, yes indeed!
Tommy, kicking back while taking in some socializing before we hit the road...
Things are always cool at The Mermaid Lounge!
Hats off to Ben who once again oversaw the successful transfer to a whole new generation computer. Been working with Ben for 7+ years now, and appreciate him and his business! Thanks Ben! If you need some reliable computer services  in the West Palm area, call me for referral info.

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