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Every cloud has a-------Allen Kanovsky

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 3/28/13

A bright and sunny Saturday with a planned visit to UM for a recital in the afternoon. Suddenly the sky(plan) darkens. The recital is cancelled. There is another at the campus and I feel better. I can not find the locations address and gloom settles in. The old BLUES song says "Saturday I go out and play". It looks like the old guy ain't gonna get to play today. The down in the dumps feeling fades with a phone call from Bette. The planned recitals cancellation has inspired a new plan. Sushi at Union on Atlantic in Delray Beach and after maybe hit some of the clubs there. While downing sushi and sake Bette mentions a program at Arts Garage in the evening. "Urban Underground" a JAZZ and poetry program. It sounds interesting.

To say it was interesting would be a gross understatement. It was an evening more than well spent.

The Garage's Director of the Arts, Drew Tucker along with HipHop CafĂ© owner Kadeidra Ward, put together a multiple-arts event that included JAZZ, poetry and the production of a work of art. The silver lining of every cloud in the sky. The stage was set simply. A drum set, piano, a stool for the guitarist, a couple if mics and a blank canvas on which a painting would be made during the show. This was not a poetry reading. This was an evening of performance art. The poets made their writing come to life with their emotional presentations. As with much poetry, the principle subjects were Love, Life and G-d.

Sloan, a 17 year old poet, was first up, accompanied by a JAZZ trio with Drew Tucker on drums, Doug on piano and I didn't get the name of the bass guitarist. It was a great start and had me leaning forward and concentrating on every word and phrase. Vana Rose Dunnon, another 17 year old, recited "Dear Valentine" and  "Ice Cream". They were both love poems. The first for her grandmother the second for a boy friend. Sheim Francis, a teacher, did poems about faith in the Lord, the evils of texting('The TextPimp") and love. Sheim has a book of poems titled My Journey, Poetic.

Bryan Hughes and Substance both drew audience applause but left before I could get any further info. A guy who goes by  the moniker of Mr. Rigz took the stage. And I mean took the stage. A rough and tough looking dude. T-shirt and jeans. Hip-hop style and rhythm. Words that made you think about love. How you make it and how much it means. Sometimes harsh and mean, sometimes soft and tender. Just like his words.

J.R. the Poet came on stage with Kadeidra 'poetically yours' Ward to do a poetic playlet titled "The Argument". It was tragic/comedy and truly a work of art. J.R. continued with 3 more. One of love, one of G-d and the 3d reflecting the BLUES.

Joe Tapper "the Marital Sax" was there, sax in hand. He spoke about marriage, the sex act and love. He played a little alto and explained that married couples make love to music on the radio or records. Most songs last 3 to 5 minutes and so love making is often interrupted by silence. He has recorded two 30 minute tracks to make love by. I say "Good Luck".

Last up and the featured poet of the night was Autrell Reid. He is a Miami 'street' poet and story teller. An animated, finger snapping performer, he completely captivated the audience, making you think or laugh or both. The first poem (or was it) ”I Am Not A Poet-Change". Followed with "Bus Stop Love" a poem about the meaning of true friendship(love). Autrell enchanted the audience with his story telling style and made us all feel so good.

 While all of the above was going on, an artist(name Unknown at this point) worked on the blank canvas. He completed it with an amazing Picasso, "Lady in the Mirror", inspired piece.

Had a great time. Wish you were there.

This Urban Underground program will continue at Arts Garage. Look for it!!!!  

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