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Emanon - Allen Kanovsky gives the back-story

Submitted by Al Kanovsky 3/21/13

"Emanon" was the title of an early Dizzy Gillespie. So early it was recorded on a 10" platter at 78rpm. The title was no name spelt backward. The following review has plenty of song titles, remarks, comments and social stuff. Unfortunately I don't have the names of the vocalists or musicians. The JAZZ at the Gables noon-time concert featured the JAZZ vocal group from the renowned Frost School of Music at UM. Dr. Lisanne Lyons is the director of the group that has 8 vocalists and a 4 piece rhythm section plus trombone and flute soloists.
They opened with "If I Were A Bell", followed with "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" and then "I'm Beginning To See The Light". The choral group sang "I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me" and it made me think. Where are the lyricists of today? They seem to be stuck on "baby-baby-baby" or "oh-oh-oh" or "bitch-ho'--bitch-ho'". A reflection on the level of education in our present day culture?

The music departments at our south Florida colleges and universities belie that. They are producing some of the most talented musicians the world has ever heard. Kudos to those educators for their dedication and integrity. The group did "East of the Sun" and it was the second time in 2 days that I heard it. As I commented yesterday it is a complex tune and requires the performers to be at their best. Larry Lapin, Director of the JAZZ department was in the audience along with my dance partner, Grandma Pixie. My friends Deborah & Duane Crisp enjoyed the afternoon sun and the good music. Ray from the sponsoring  firm, (V) broke away form his grueling "tax season" schedule to listen in. Felipe LaMoglia(saxophonist) was there along with " dos chicas bonitas, Lina y Angie".  ( I am practicing my Spanish in anticipation of attendance at the Havana JAZZ Festival in December.)  If you would like to join our group contact me at for details.

Returning to the subject of lyrics. The romanticism of the lyrics in the song had a couple, sitting way back in the audience, necking. (do they still say that?)  Well, it was the first day of Spring. Miami JAZZ Co-op's program will continue for another 2 Wednesday performances and an evening program next Thursday.

Dusk and drizzle and I am off to BJB's and Danny Burger's "Showcase". I was looking forward to the return visit of the Tony Nicolosi band featuring Tom McCormick(sax/flute) and Mitch Goldstein(Hammond organ). Of course Danny keeps the drum spot for himself. Tony gets up on stage with a smile and personality that is as wide and bright as a California sunset. A talented entertainer, in the truest sense of the word. Of course having Tom, Mitch and Danny alongside doesn't hurt either. Tony opened the first set with Dizzy's "Night In Tunisia". His guitar solo proved that his "axe" could be classified as a dangerous weapon. My only comment is "WOW". The program progressed thru the evening doing everything from George Benson to Horace Silver. B.B King to Stanley Turrentine. Van Morrison to Mel Torme. Tom McCormick did an impassioned solo on "My One and Only You" and Mitch delivered on the Hammond. What can I say about Danny that I haven't said before? Tony and the band have fun on stage and the feeling is transmitted to the audience. Prior to one of the songs Tony wanted to tune up. He said to Mitch, "Give me an A" Mitch did. Tony plucked a Bb. "Good enough for rock and roll" he said as they broke into their next song. Loved the line and the song.

Tom showed interest in the Havana trip and is considering joining us. It's late. I'm going home and turn Tracy on----that's not what I mean----I turn the radio on, tune to 91.3 and the Real Tracy Fields. On the final leg of the trip Tracy asks Diana Krall along. She sings "My Glad Rag Doll". Ms. Krall will be at the Arsht later this month. Thanks Tracy.

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