Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bonita Blues Festival 2013 - Great music, good times, good friends.

Made the run downstate to Bonita Springs this weekend for the 7th Annual Bonita Blues Fest. Here is the poster:

Bonita Springs is a most welcoming place for festival-goers. No-charge, close by parking surrounds Riverside Park, and nobody seems to be jerky about using bad judgement in where they park. So, you park, you walk a minute or two, and here you are!

I bet you have been to festivals, and shows, that can't seem to stay on track with the schedule of bands?
Here at Bonita they kicked it off ten minutes early because... well, I guess because, why not? Everything is ready to roll, so ROLL IT!  And with community volunteers like Mark, Ryan and April (below) taking care of everything all the time, things just flow...

Oh, yeah... music... they got that too!

Yes, this is a BLUES music festival, but it is a festival of friends, too!
Old ones, new ones, future ones!
(L-R) Jennifer Barry, Capt Jim Hartzell,
Debby Strickland, Tina Terry & Damon Fowler.
Yes, things get hectic and happening, but don't worry,
these guys know everything is fine, just fine... sit back...
relax... things will be just fine... it is really all under control...

How could you NOT love a bunch of guys like these?
Thanks Kevin! Great party man!

Yes, Bonita Blues Festival not only allows you to experience some local talent you might not know yet, but also brings in international touring artists that you can get up close and personal with....

And, based on the Facebook LIKES, here is the "photo of the weekend" -
Mark Bumgarner on bass, bass, bass....

I mentioned friends earlier... well, it is true. Friends from all over the place and friends that get all over  place. (And some friends that can barely find the place, but do anyway!)
Here are two that fit the first two descriptions!
Pat Pepin (Maine) and Bella Mondschein (EVERYWHERE!)
What? You looking for a groove to shake it to?
The Biscuit mixes it right up for you!
This is the world renowned and loved, Biscuit Miller and the Mix, current year Blues Music Award (BMA) winner!

And, of course we can't neglect the ladies!

Deb & The Dynamics

Skyla Burrell Band


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