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Nat King Cole's daughters keeping Jazz music alive in Florida schools

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Nat King Cole's daughters keeping music alive in South Florida schools
Twin daughters live in Boca Raton

By Patty Pensa
South Florida Sun Sentinel
3:49 p.m. EDT, September 4, 2009

"Timolin and Casey Cole were only 3 when their legendary father, Nat King Cole, died. Still, music anchored their lives.

Cole's twin daughters remember other musical greats -- Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald and Sammy Davis Jr. -- as regulars at their Los Angeles home. They played piano like their father and went to symphonies, operas and outdoor music concerts with their mother.

"All of our wonderful childhood memories centered around music," Timolin Cole said.

The Cole sisters, who live in Boca Raton, are now working to keep music in South Florida schools. Concerned about budget cuts affecting the arts, the women launched the nonprofit Nat King Cole Generation Hope a year ago. Their mission is to promote music by helping schools in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade counties replace worn instruments, offer field trips and provide music instruction."

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