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Florida Blues Guitarist, Darrell Raines, to Headline Taiwan's Blues Bash Festival

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This just in from our Asian blues news source...

Douglas C Rapier

Hey, Blues fans,
Lots of folks have been asking about the Blues Society on Taiwan's plans for Blues Bash v6.0. Here's the skinny so far:

This year the Bash is going on a road trip! The sixth installment of the festival series will take place on November 12, 13, 14.

On Thursday the 12th, 89K in Taichung will be the site for taste of BBv6.0, a mini-Bash which will feature Blues guitar aces Darrell Raines and Shun Kikuta with BoPoMoFo and Black Sheep. Special guest, Jack Conqueroo, with his deep down Delta sound and Adam Posnak, all the way from Arkansas, will round things off with some seriously down-home Delta Blues.

On Friday the 13th, Roxy Roots, Taipei’s first honest-to-god Blues venue, will be the place to be. (Come as Jason but leave the chain-saws at the cabin, si vous plais.)
Darrell Raines, Shun Kikuta, BoPoMoFo, Black Sheep, Adam Posnak and Jack Conqueroo will be joined by David Chen & the Muddy Basin Ramblers for a kick-ass night of Blues.

Saturday, the 14th, the annual main event of the Blues Society on Taiwan returns to the Dream Community in Xizi (Shijih) for a day-long blend of Blues festival and Mardi Gras that will start at 3pm with a FREE Concert given from a stage floating on Jin Long Lake. (That’s right – the stage will be floating on the lake.)

Then, the Dream Community will go all ‘samba’ with a Mardi Gras Parade leading revelers to the Dream Community Theater for lots more music that will go full-tilt until midnight. (Or until the cops come to shut us down.)

Darrell Raines, Shun Kikuta, BoPoMoFo, Black Sheep, Jack Conqueroo, and David Chen & the Muddy Basin Ramblers will maintain the high level of intensity they set at the mini-Bashes.
Soulfully effervescent Japanese guitarist and songstress, Nacomi & her band along with the irrepressible, Mr. Oh Yeah! & his Blues Project, featuring Blues harp virtuoso, T-Slim will join the musical fray from Tokyo.

There’s a whole lot more to tell you about; Lottery prizes like the limited edition Blue drum set Cadeson is making to commemorate the 2009 Blues Bash, for example.

Visit the Blues Society on Taiwan website for more information.

Booking information for Darrell Raines at:

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