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New Orleans Style Jazz Funeral in Florida - Want One? Call Kid Dutch...

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If you plan to go out "standing pat" check this out...this is not a paid ad, it something we came across while looking into his "Kid Dutch and his Blusicians" band that is playing this Saturday for Orlando Swing Dance USO show.


"The New Orleans Style Jazz Funeral

Frequently after playing a spiritual or an upbeat gospel tune at a dance or concert setting, a fan comes up and says "When I die, I want to have a band like you guys at my funeral". As I am sure you are aware, funerals with music are a tradition around the world, especially in New Orleans where they are well known for their "jazz funerals".

I have been providing music for funerals for several years now, and WITHOUT EXCEPTION, members of the clergy say things like, "so uplifting", "Very powerful - everyone should have this at their memorial service...". Done correctly, the jazz funeral is a wonderful part of a celebration of life.

I offer this type of music in two packages:

The Perseverance Brass Band for those who want the full honors of an AUTHENTIC jazz funeral.This is a 9-10 piece New Orleans Styled brass band which can slow march into the chapel to and provide a TRUE TO TRADITION, tasteful New Orleans-styled "funeral with music".

Typically a service with this band would include Dirges, Spirituals, and Hymns at the start of the service.

Although dirges have fallen out of favor in recent years, they serve a true purpose - facilitating the grieving process. It is not uncommon to see a band member in tears, even though they don't know the deceased, because of the emotional power of these wonderful pieces.
After the service and eulogies, the band plays upbeat spirituals and jazz tunes, per the wishes of the family.

If nearby, it is possible for the band to accompany the funeral party to and from the final resting place.

Kid Dutch and his New Orleans Music suitable for smaller events.This is an authentic 4-6 piece New Orleans Jazz Band. The band plays Spirituals and Hymns in a tasteful, New Orleans jazz style, seated in the chapel.

If we may be of service to you, please contact us at 407-699-0233 or e-mail us at "

Here is all of the contact info, just in case:

Jazztime Productions
Home of "Kid Dutch"(TM)"
America's Original Music - for ALL Occasions"
P.O. Box 848 Goldenrod, FL 32733-0848
Phone (407) 699-0233

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