Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Notes in Support of the Note Players, and, Notes for Support of the Noted

What can we do to support our artsits in these trying and challenging times?

1) Buy their music. We know you know the places and methods.

2) Buy their merch. Yes, most have it available via their website. Besides, you probably are already looking for some social interation through the peep hole in your door with the Fedex person, and it's only been two days.

3) Keep their presence active by interaction in social media WITH them, and ABOUT them. Post those pics. Repost those vids. SHARE their posts. Play their YouTubes. Post a comment on their vids, pics and posts.

4) Be proactive in getting your favorites back to where you've seen them. Call the club and tell them you want to see them again when this current crisis has past. Let them know you will be there again when the band comes back. Better yet, go there in PERSON, pound on the back door until someone opens it, and tell them.

5) Get on-board with the new tidal wave of self-produced streaming no-audience shows and ring that online tip bell.  This is a great idea, and I think it will work, but the reality of EVERYBODY doing it, and NO DISTRIBUTION will be an issue. Packaging and promotion needs will the same as touring, but adjusted for the new reality.

6) If you have the means, here is the short list of places to directly donate funds for the support of musicians that need assistance the most, for the most grave reasons. GIVE. If you are musician in need, ASK - because we NEED you.

The Jazz Foundation's Musicians' Emergency Fund
(Ask for Wendy and say "Hi" for me.)
MusiCares' Emergency Financial Assistance Program
Sweet Relief Musicians Fund
American Federation of Musicians

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