Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Jazz Blues Florida March Monthly Report and Statement of Uncertainty

As of 3/24/20
Jazz & Blues Florida
will be posting an
abbreviated April issue.

It will be mostly information that can be found at anytime on our website. If anyone wants to run ads, we are open to discussion about what the value is and cost should be. Please email me at Charlie@JazzBluesFlorida.com. Our plan is to conserve resources and be functionial when the situation 'normalizes' while evaluating alternatives that may become viable.

Although we have the means to reach a large market segment for promotion of the online-live-home concerts, at this time we do not see anything in that unorganized, rapidly developing market that would make sense for artists to promote their shows with our paid services.  And, I personally have already taken other employment and cannot provide these services without income.

I will be contacting all our current clients individually. Please be thinking about what might work best for you and we can discuss. 

#FlattenTheCurve  #NotDying4WallStreet

Jazz & Blues Florida Traffic/Activity/Distribution -
Here is the 'Quick' report for the past month/28 days:
Current total MailChimp subscribers: 4,716
Current total social media contacts: 19,250*
Past month News Blog views: 11,650
Past month main website views: 3,702
Past month banner views: 58,304
(Clicks: 5,436, Click-thru rate: 9.32%) 
Past month YouTube views: 3,473
Past month Pinterest impressions: 15,200
Past month Twitter impressions: 25,990
(Original source reports on ALL numbers
available on request. No fluff. No 'multipliers.' No B.S.)

We are a multi-media promotion platform for live jazz & blues in
Florida's clubs, concerts and festivals.
Please consider connecting with our info flow through:
News Blog
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LINKEDIN (Business Only, Please)

Charles R. Boyer, Owner/Publisher
Jazz & Blues Florida
(561) 313-7432

*FB Personal Page Friends - 5,000
FB Personal Page Followers - 2,117
FB JBF Page Followers - 6,608
LINKEDIN Connections - 3,520
TWEETER Followers - 923
Instagram Followers - 976
YouTube Subscribers- 646

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