Monday, March 9, 2020

Jazz Blues Florida FYI/FAQ #1

Jazz Blues Florida FYI/FAQ #1
March 9, 2020
TOPIC: Music Business Management and Operations
Providing Free Services

“Why isn’t my/that show in your listings at”

Jazz & Blues Florida is 100% paid content based, and that is one of the ways we are able to stay in business. For many years (this is our 14th year of providing promotion services) we devoted countless hours to trying to be inclusive as possible for all genre related shows. And, it simply didn’t provide a return, other than higher readership that came from artists and agents using the listings to target their booking pitches. And, receiving criticism from those we missed didn’t help us in thinking we were doing the right thing. So, enough of that and we only provide the listing (and distribution thereof) to clients that support what we do. And, it is not a good business practice to use the resources provided by clients to fund promotion of those who are not clients.

Also, we have found that the ‘natural order’ of musician and venue success is those that believe in themselves enough to invest in promotion are the ones that are most likely to succeed. It is important to note here that the Premium Listing Service we offer to venues and artists at $10 per month is only a la carte service we offer, and it has ALWAYS been the least utilized service we offer.

Charles R. Boyer, Owner/Publisher
Jazz Blues Florida LLC

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