Monday, July 21, 2014

"Dreams can come true"...for Allen Kanovsky, and you!

...even if you've gotten old and gray. Last night provided that for any lover of JAZZ & BLUES. 33d St. In Ft. Lauderdale is becoming the present day 52 St. of fame back in the day. Live music every night of the week. A JAZZ joint and a BLUES joint on the same thoroughfare. Ample parking (although metered 'til midnight) and good menus in both. Back to the music. I walked into BJB's to the sound of a great voice , delighting the crowded room. Miss Nicole Kidd had the mic in hand and was just plain-out singing. It was part of Anthony Corrado's Sunday Afternoon Jam. I had been fortunate to catch her on stage. Next up was a 'kid' who I refer to as "Little JAZZ' with no disrespect to Roy Eldridge. This 'kid' will celebrate his 12th birthday Wednesday but plays his Selmer Balance Action alto sax like a seasoned pro. Never mind the tune. Never mind the key. Ian Munoz can BLOW. Creative, imaginative, cute as a button, quick to smile and mild mannered not to mention extremely talented. They do "Billie's Bounce" and follow with Ian's interpretation of "There Will Never Be Another You" and the audience is gape-jawed in amazement at Master Munoz's artistry. Vocalist Connie Draha is invited up to do "At Last" and Ian remains on stage to display his BLUES chops as well. Jams are part of what makes dreams come true. "You'll never know just how much" you've missed if you weren't there. Ian plays often at The Fish House in Kendall at their Wednesday Nite JAZZ Jam. Now I run (not exactly) across the street to the place where the blues is happening to meet up with Jimmy Belize and Nancy. Why here you query? How about J.P. Soars, a cigar box guitar and some BLUES? Just in time to catch the last number of his first set. With J.P. are Steve Laudicino (guitar), Don 'the Cougar' Gottlieb (bass), Chris Pete (drums) and sitting in Billy Burns (harp). Thanks to Jerry Blum for knowing all the band members names. Jimmy, Nancy and I partake of a hearty platter of 'fish 'n chips'  and Tania (she had been on the Havana JAZZ tour) comes in followed by Piano Bob. They open the 2d set with Guitar Slim's shuffle, "I Want To Be With You" followed by the original "All Night Long" with Steve doing a sensational up-tempo solo. There used to be a BLUES joint called 'Back Room BLUES' where local and national musicians came to play and Jam. I shouldn't call it a joint 'cause it was a dump. But a friendly and music-wise dump. And always great music. I miss the joi---    dump.  J.P. has a tune dedicated to the place on his latest CD.  

Gals are up shakin' their Bs and Bs and that's always part of my dream. Martine and Jacques my, wonderful to watch dancing, friends arrive. Heads are bobbing in time, all over the house. "Let Your Hair Down Baby" in shuffle time has Piano Bob and Tania up doing the 'Lindy' and very nicely, to say the least. Funk takes over and J.P. has a regular guitar in hand. The floor is crowded with gals doing what gals do and my blood pressure is rising along with other things. It's a hop, skip and jump (if you hop, skip and jump) back to BJB's in time to catch another 'kid' on stage. I shouldn't say kid because Haven Star Ross is a young lady who CAN sing the BLUES. Style, emotion and voice all embodied in a little girl. She is doing "Turtle Blues" and has the audience firmly in her grasp. It's Rita Wilbern's night at Blue Jeans and she has Jeff Prine on guitar with Mitch Goldstein on B3 and Danny Burger at the kit. 

I look around the room and of course Babette is there and also Ron Anonymous and Beautiful Brenda. Mike and Lucy have returned from cruising the Bahamas on their 'cat' which was struck by lightning causing damage to all the electronics on board. My dance partner Denise is there along with buddy Bill and the other Denise. 

Nicole Kidd is still in the house and she joins Rita to do "Sitting On The Dock". The trio does an instrumental "boogie' and Rita returns to do "Fever" followed by "Love My Man". When she intones "At Last", Rita invites the most lovely Pruchelle Revell up to interpret the song in dance. To use a hackneyed phrase ---poetry in motion---. Now taking advantage of all the talent in the house, Rita invites Nicole and Haven back up and they all do "Georgia", "Unchain My Heart" and "Loving You Forever and Ever". Rita sings "Superstition" and "The Thrill Is Gone" which provided the opportunity for Rita and I to trip the light fantastic. The last set opens with the guys doing an instrumental and Danny 'blows 'em up' which enables him to play different chromatic tones on the tom-toms. Rita invites Haven's dad Troy, up to sing and play harp on "Baby What You Want Me To Do". The apple didn't fall far from the tree. Rita closes with an emotional "Since I Fell For You". Danny is encouraging me to dance with Rita again --- "last dance" he says. I hope not!! 

Time to hit the sack and "Dream, Dream, Dream".

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