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Four80East at The Lobster Pot Bistro, June 22, 2014 - A Superb Dinner & Show!

June 22, 2014
The Lobster Pot Bistro

478 Mandalay Avenue
 Clearwater, FL 33767 (727)446-8809
LIVE MUSIC Wednesday through Sunday
Entertainment starts at 6pm week nights and 8pm on weekends
All Summer Series Shows Start at 6pm. Reservations at (727)446-8809
July 20: Jackiem Joyner CD Release Concert; Aug 17: Les Sabler; Sept 28: Marc Antoine.


Jazz & Blues Florida had the pleasure of attending a dinner show at The Lobster Pot Bistro in Clearwater, FL on June 22nd.  The Lobster Pot has been a Tampa Bay tradition for over 40 years. There's a reason why this special place has stayed on the map and is home to the romantic at heart, those who appreciate excellent food and service, nice ambiance, and... last but certainly NOT least - superb entertainment.

Toronto's Four80East was the evening's performance and what a night of music it was!! Four80East describes their music as "electro-groove-jazz-funk". The group of stellar musicians who comprised the show with Four80East members Rob DeBoer (keys & vocals) and Tony Grace (Percussion), did not waste a single second once introductions were made to capture and hold the entire audience's attention and affections for the evening. Their energy-infused repertoire ranged from hot and furious to cool and smooth jazz, to funk, to a reggae/tropical feel, and more. There was fun audience participation with a couple of the songs as well as spontaneous dancing in the room - fast dancing, bopping in seats, and slow cheek to cheek.
It was one of those "Oh, what a night!" nights!

Artistic Personnel for the evening:
Four80East - Rob DeBoer (keys & vocals) and Tony Grace (Percussion)
Tim George - bass
Mike MacArthur - reeds
Dave Reinhardt - drums
Peter Mongaya Hogsholm - guitar

The Lobster Pot Bistro's Summer Jazz Series promises more great performances through September, so check out their schedule and come out for a show! 

Enjoy our pics and vid clips - we certainly enjoyed being there!

L-R: Dave Reinhardt, Mike MacArthur, Tim George, Rob DeBoer, Fran Bartlett,
Peter Mongaya Hogsholm, and Tony Grace
Approaching Tampa Bay from the south... 

Plan ahead for parking - either do the easy thing and valet, or get there about an hour early and
start looking for place for the car!

The iconic entrance is easy to find!
Meet The Lobster Pot Bistro's gracious owner, Fran Bartlett (Left, 
and Debby Strickland of Jazz & Blues Florida on Right)
The show is about to begin... as Fran announces and Christian gets eyes the field of play....

The energetic start of the show was just a taste of what was to come!
L-R: Mike MacArthur (Reeds), Rob DeBoer (Keys), and Tony Grace (Percussion)

Tim George - bass, and Peter Mongaya Hogsholm - guitar 

Nice wine list and fine service...

Bacon-wrapped Sirloin Poppers for an appetizer = delicious!

"To the EASTside!!"

Lobster Tails, Rice, Asparagus, Crab Cakes and Sautéed Spinach for dinner...
Everything was PRIMO!

You meet the nicest people at The Lobster Pot Bistro ~ Mark & Michelle Gerhart

Mike in ACTION - oh wait.. that is all the time anyway!

Alicia Kaye ~ Tampa area Jazz Celeb!
Dave Reinhardt - drums

Capacity crowd, but there is ALWAYS room to dance when need be!

It only LOOKS like Tony is aiming for Rob!!

"You talkin' to ME?" Not to worry - he is harmless, unless of course 
you get between him and his lobster or wine!
Big bosses out on the street...

Tonight's star music makers!

See you at Seabreeze!

Upcoming Performances in the Summer Jazz Series:
Jackiem Joyner ~ July 20
Les Sabler ~ August 17
Marc Antoine ~ September 28

Until next time...! 
~ ~ ~ ~
Then... for a little treat for the drive back to G'ville...

HEY! We found where Little Mike's Tornadoes hang out!!

~ ~ ~

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