Sunday, December 8, 2013

We went to Cedar Key for some sun, sunset, and Middleground at Black Dog Bar & Tables!

Nice & TRUE!
An hour's drive down Archer Road, right to the end. Pass through Archer, Bronson, Rosewood and find the western terminus of the Florida Railroad, which connected Cedar Key to Fernandina on the east coast of Florida back in 1860. Bo Diddley is laid to rest along this route. I have known of the horrific Rosewood massacre for many years, but was not aware of the location of this town until seeing the sign marking this rememberance of the capacity of humans for inhumanity to each other. Somber and saddening. And, in reflection of this being Pearl Harbor Day...

The day was planned to have time to slow things down for a couple hours and not be responsible for anything other than checking out the town (new to me, but a haunt of Debby's in not-so-recent years past), and seeing what could be seen before dinner with, and music by, Barbara & Mark Armbrecht of Middleground at The Black Dog Bar & Tables.  We will let the photos and vids tell the rest of the story for you... Enjoy please, as we did!

Alrightythen!  We got here just in time..... they just finished loading in!

The sunset choir gathers...

A serene setting for reflelctions........


Yes... PLEASE do not do this, here, or in our house!
Lookin' in from the outside deck... 
(well, spying, actually.....?? Barbara was rather surprised/weirded out when she realized someone was out there after this photo...)

This is NOT a back-lot movie set (although we are sure it must have been in a bunch of movies). Things are still pretty real out here on the Las Islas Sabines Coast!
You just have to wonder what those eyes have all seen here since back in 500BC! (Oldest recorded human habitation of the area.) 

They were all catching fish left and right, but we still had to go out to a restaurant for our dinner. Nobody offered us any!

Found the place! (Well, if you can't find what you are looking for in Cedar Key, you must not be in Cedar Key!

Proprietors, extraordinaire! far as waterfront places in island towns go, the cash you have to lay out here isn't going to hurt you bad at all!

Not sure what year, but congratz on three years!
Yes, all of Cedar Key seems to be a going kind of place!

Real harmony...

As mentioned over in one of the Facebook entries.. this place is pretty (f)ish-y!

Gotta' love Barbara's sense of humor - she told everyone,
"If you don't put money in the tip jar, we're leaving!"
Looking good Kevin! Catch that dart game with you next visit... I need time to practice up!
We find THAT hard to believe!

Cedar Key has it's holiday adornments up ~ Ocean Theme, of course!

It just kept getting better by the moment!

I can only imagine!

I need a hat with this on it!

Hey! Bo Diddley!

So hard to guess which ones to post... each as beautiful as the next...maybe the company added to this...just maybe....

And, on a final note, our new stop along the way, Robinson Seafood, had a nice bag of shrimp waiting for us to pick up as we headed  back to the mainland... Just cooked them up (Sunday, 5pm) and am headed back over to the NCFBS Blues Benefit for Wounded Warrior Project for more music and the grand finale jam
See ya' there!
~ ~ ~
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  1. Great PICS! Great VIDS! Love the pic of you and Charlie and the one of my bride.

  2. Enjoyed the read and the photos! Thanks for posting!